Extra Products & Services

Extra Products & Services

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Gift Vouchers
I have printed gift vouchers available for purchase to any value or for any product or service.
There are lots of ways to use these including:
*   A Family Photoshoot makes a perfect Christmas present for the whole family .
(So much better than bits and pieces for each person!)
*  A contribution to a friend's wedding photography, to the value of that crystal vase you were considering!
*  Use a voucher to gift a canvas or photobook.
*  Include a note with your wedding invitations, encouraging guests to contribute to your wedding photography gift registry!

Photographic Tutor
I'm often flattered with:  "Oh I love what you do.  Will you teach me?"
So I have a 1/2 day and full day photographic tutoring option which I will tailor specifically to your interests and skill level. 
Ideally you'll have a DSLR camera so I can teach you about the tool that is your camera. 
But even if you just have a point-and-shoot, there is still loads I can teach you about composition, lighting, modelling and publishing.
Half Day (3 hours):  $225 for one person / $300 for 2 people
Full Day (7 hours):  $450 for one person / $550 for 2 people (includes morning tea and lunch)

Modelling 101
This is an extension of the Posing 101 workshop that I do with wedding clients.

If you fancy a career as a photographic model but have no idea what you're doing
or have had little experience in front of the camera, then this practical, one-on-one session is for you.
We'll cover the basics of posing, lighting, and what's expected of you on a shoot.
We'll also take a range of photos to build your portfolio.
Two hours in my home-studio and in the nearby park.
$395  includes disc of print-ready images.

Second Shooter
Add an assistant on second camera to your Platinum Collection to get the very best out of me!
Having an assistant allows me to completely focus on your photography as they do the driving, carry my bags, and hold equipment and lighting. They also get some great additional shots to help tell your story.
click here for sample images

Posing 101 workshop + photo shoot
Add a two hour Posing 101 workshop and photo shoot to your Platinum or Gold Collection,
to ensure you're camera ready for your wedding day!
Chose my Richmond studio and Dellside Reserve next door, or somewhere local that's meaningful to you.
Includes a disc of images for you to use for your wedding stationary.
Normally $450, or just $390 when added to your Platinum or Gold Wedding Collection.

Wedding Reception Coverage
Add 3 hours of wedding reception coverage to your Platinum Collection,
and get great images of all your guests, your speeches, cake cut, special sunset shots, and first dance.
Normally $145 per hour, or $390 for three hours when added to your Platinum Collection.
click here for sample images

Purchase of Sole Copyright
The Intellectual Property Act gives the author of an image (ie: the photographer), copyright to it. 
My prices are based on the contracted assumption that you will be happy for me to use
the best of your images for advertising purposes. 
If you wish to purchase the sole copyright of my work with you,
and thus prevent me from future use of your images, 
there is a surcharge of $395

Additional Hours
Need me for just a little bit longer at a shoot? 
SPECIAL rate of $145/hour
includes the time at your event, plus my assistant (if one's already included in your package),
plus all post-production time on the images shot.


I'm proud to offer high quality, UV treated, hand-made-in-Nelson canvases.
Your choice of traditional Square or modern Bevelled edges.
900 x 600 mm     $250
600 x 400 mm     $175

Reception guest books
These wonderful mementos allow your guests to write you messages of love, support and advice during your wedding reception.
Use images from your Posing 101 shoot, or supply me with 25 print ready images of your choice.
Have your pages blank (except for corner photos) or let me head the page with a conversation-starting question.
22 x 29cm   hard, photo, cover   20 pages
SPECIAL PRICE:  $95 including design and print

These gorgeous slide shows, set to music, show off approximately 50 of your favourite images. 
They play on your TV, and I can send a youtube link for you to share on request.
It's a wonderful way to show family and friends your wedding photos - all in about 3-4 minutes.
$175 design + 3 copies
Additional discs make wonderful Thank You gifts:  $10 each for 1-9 copies, $7.50 each for 10+ copies
      (Discs are printed with a wedding photo and your message, and cased.)

Please contact me for the latest options and pricing.

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