It's REALLY important to me that you love your photos!
I pour my heart into creating images that make you go 'Wow!'

However, I recognise that photography's an art, not a science, so it's possible to miss the mark.
If, for any reason, you're unhappy with what you've received,
please tell me, and give me the chance to put it right.
If it makes you feel better, think of it as helping me grow my craft!

I encourage you to discuss things with me first,
however if you feel uncomfortable talking to me,
or feel something's unresolved,
Angel Pearson, The Wedding Whisperer, has offered to act as a go-between.
Please feel free to contact her to discuss any issues you may have with my work.

Please note, that Angel Pearson, The Wedding Whisperer,
is absolved of any responsibility or liability in these matters. Her role is one of mediation.

The intent of this statement is to provide the easiest
and most friendly way of resolving any issues that clients may have.





Contact me

Phone: (03)  544 9479
Email: sandra@boutiquephotography.co.nz

8 Cropp Place


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