Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have,
or scan through these to see if there's help here.
Q.     Why does photography cost so much?  You're just turning up for a few hours and clicking a button.
A.     You may only see me working for a few hours, but the reality is that for every hour I spend with you,
there's at least 6-8 hours additional work going on behind the scenes.  Add to that the cost and time of travel.  
And to that, the cost of the $35,000+ worth of gear that regularly needs replacing and upgrading.  
Creating memorable images is my full-time job, into which I pour my energy and my heart.
At the end of the day, as Gucci said, "Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten".

Q.     Do your prices include GST?
A.     I'm not registered for GST so there's none to pay.  The prices quoted are what you pay; no hidden extras.

Q.     How much is the deposit, and is it refundable?
A.     Wedding deposits are $500 and all other shoots are $50.  
Upon receipt of your deposit, I reserve the date and time agreed to exclusively for you, 
and I begin planning and preparation for your shoot.  
All other requests from potential clients for the same date are declined.  
For these reasons, deposits are non-refundable, even if you must change the date of your event.

Q.     Do you charge extra for travel?
A.     For weddings, local travel (defined as the Atawhai - Wakefield - Mapua triangle) is included.  
For Family Shoots,  travel to Brightwater, Appleby, or Atawhai is included. 
Reluctantly,  I need to add a small surcharge for the time and expense of travelling outside those areas.  
Full details are on my pricing page.

Q.     Do you have gift certificates?
A.     YES.  I'm happy to provide one-off gift vouchers, or even set up a gift-registry for your wedding photography.

Q.     How long have you been a professional photographer and how many weddings have you shot?
A.     My first wedding was in 2002, and I've lost count of how many weddings I've shot since then!
I estimate it to be at least 250.  Boutique Photography is my dedicated, full-time job - NOT a 'hobby on the side'!

Q.     What qualifications do you have?
A.    Great photography is largely about experience.  
Just as it simply takes time and practice to be good at tennis, so it is with photography.  
The more you shoot and analyse your own work, the better you get.
Digital cameras record the number of shots taken, so I can estimate that over the past two decades,
I've made nearly 500,000 images!  
Add to that experience, a Diploma of Digital Photography, and I've got you covered.  :)

More about me here

Q.     When will I receive my digital negatives and photo-book?
A.     I typically spend between 25-45 hours editing a wedding.  
I aim to deliver wedding digital negatives within three weeks.  
Family photos are typically edited and available within one week.
If you have ordered a photo-book, it is then over to you to choose which images you would like to feature.
Once you have sent me your choices, it takes me less than a week to provide a draft of the album for your approval.
Once signed off, it takes three weeks for printing and delivery to me.

Q.     What are some of your favorite locations to shoot at?
A.     Nelson is blessed with a range of fabulous spots to provide the perfect portrait backdrop.
My favourite beaches include:  Tahunanui Back Beach and either end of Rabbit Island
(usually the horse end for weddings and the Mapua end for families).
My favourite parks include:  Isel Park, Miyazu Gardens, & Gardens of the World.  
Queen's Gardens and Washbourn Gardens are more intimate spaces and are wonderful for couples.
My favourite urban spot is the top of Trafalgar Street.
My favourite historic locations are: Founder's Park and in and around the Nelson Cathedral.

Q.     What gear do you use?
A.     I'm a Nikon chic!  I love its accuracy and ergonomics.  
I bring at least three full-frame cameras to a shoot, so that I don't have to faf about changing lenses.  
I have two D700's ,one D750, and one D850.
The lenses I use are all Nikon ones: 12-24mm 2.8,   24-70mm 2.8;   70-200mm 2.8;   85mm prime 1.4.
I have three Nikon flash units:  SB900 SB910, and SB5000.
I use Pocket Wizard remotes.
I also use two external video lights where appropriate:  an Icelight and a standard video light.
My new favourite toy is a Profoto B1 - a studio-impact portable strobe flash - it's beautiful!

In studio, I use the Bowen system.

Q.     What are your standard Terms and Conditions
A.      I've listed those fully here.   Please check them out.

I'd love to chat with you about these or any other questions you have.
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You might even like to ask me some of the questions on my
'Interviewing Your Photographer' Tips sheet!