Fun Wedding Facts!

Just in case you ever wanted to know ...

Men who kiss their wives in the morning are said to live five years longer
than those who don't    Get kissing lads!

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Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue:
Old as a guarantee that the love and affection enjoyed before marriage will endure,
New for success in your new life,
Borrowed to symbolize the support of friends required for a successful marriage,
Blue to designate loyalty, devotion and purity.
In England, they add "and a sixpence in your shoe",  as a sign of good fortune.


The term 'tie the knot' originated over 2000 years ago with the tradition of 'handfasting',
where the betrothed couples would join hands - his right to her right, and his left to her left -
in front of witnesses. They would then be married for one year and one day. 
At the end of that time, they could renew their promise permanently,
or pledge themselves to each other for another year and a day, ad infinitum!


During the ceremony, the bride traditionally stands on the groom's left,
so that he can reach for his sword with his right hand to prevent anyone
riding up and stealing his bride during the wedding!

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In South Africa, the parents of both the bride and the groom traditionally
carried fire from their hearths to light a new fire in the newlywed's hearth. 
(How cool is that!)

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Each year, in the USA, 17 tons of gold is made into wedding rings!