I Care ...

I care ...

I care about you!

I care … about weddings:

I care that your wedding day marks a uniquely significant milestone in your journey as a couple.
I respect the solemnity of the occasion.

I care enough to take the time to get to know you both,
and to incorporate your interests and personalities into your photo shoot wherever possible.

I care enough to share my experience and expertise around image-creation and weddings in general.
If I can help in any way, I will!

I care enough to listen to your preferences
and to plan a photo shoot which will create a personalised set of images in a style you love.

And I care enough to approach your day with flexibility and grace,
acknowledging that not everything will go to plan, but it'll be great regardless!

I care that you've planned every detail of your special day, and I want to record all of it for you.

I care that it's an emotional day – perhaps some anxiety, probably some happy tears,
and certainly loads of laughs as you celebrate with your loved ones.
I care about how you feel during your photo shoot.
I want you to thoroughly enjoy our time, and to finish your day glad that we were able to work together.
I care enough to want to bring a dimension that adds to your day.
I want to bring a sense of calm, allowing you to relax as you trust those supporting you.
I seek tiny pockets of space throughout your day,
to give you opportunities to pause and soak up the moments which might otherwise disappear too quickly.
I desire to bring a sense of fun and playfulness from behind the camera.

I care enough to dedicate myself to the post-production your photos, following your wedding.
I care to take the time to produce a variety of styles,
in a format you can take straight to your favourite printing lab.
I care enough to have your images ready for you when you return from your honeymoon,
so you can enjoy them without delay.

Clients quickly become friends, because I genuinely care.
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I care about … family:

I care that every family is unique and worthy of celebrating.
I care that life is unpredictable.
Recording the various ages and stages of a family unit feels like sacred work to me.
When a family cares enough to employ me to photograph them,
I can not help but care enough to strive to capture that family's heartbeat.
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I care about … your business marketing:

I care that your business is not just your livelihood, but also your 'baby'.
I care that you've probably poured 'blood, sweat and tears' into your business.
I care to produce images that represent your business in a creative but honest way –
revealing your heart to your customers.
I care to get it right or put it right – delivering images you love and can use liberally.
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