My thoughts on photography

What Makes a Fantastic Photographer

My About Me page tells you about who I am as a person.
This page attempts to give you an insight into who I am as a photographer.

It's vitally important when choosing a photographer, to understand their approach and thinking.

What makes a good photographer?

It takes a whole lot more than blazing away, attacking the subject with the shutter button, to be a good photographer!
A good photographer thinks creatively and plans artistically.
He or she chooses a setting, checks and manipulates light, arranges props and other details,
establishes rapport with their subject, creates action and interest, and finally elicits an appropriate expression.
Only when all this is done, is the shutter clicked.

What makes a great photographer?

Someone who's expert at all the above, but also genuinely likes and understands people!
If your photographer has an aptitude for photography, but no people skills, you're going to have an extremely awkward shoot!
A great photographer will also understand posing techniques, how to make you look your very best in front of the camera,
and be able to set you at ease so that your images look natural and unstructured.
They will see your beauty and your power.  They will create the space for you to feel safe and strong.
They will engender trust so that you can relax and be your true, glorious self!
Ultimately, you'll come away having had a total blast of a time!

What makes a fantastic photographer?

Add to the above, a flair for management and organization.
Someone who's technically competent but a total flake will arrive to the wrong place, at the wrong time,
with the wrong kit of gear!
A fantastic photographer will work with you to come up with a plan for your shoot.
They'll have pre-visualized ideas and will pack the appropriate gear to achieve them.
They'll be clear about what you can expect to happen, what you can expect to pay, and what you can expect to receive.

I sincerely believe that I can and do deliver on all these points.
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