Baby Bumps & Boudior tips

Tips & Tricks for Preggy and Boudoir Photo-shoots
Maternity and Boudoir are such a joy to shot. 
I love watching women let go of their insecurities and embrace their stage of life!
To quote American photographer Jessamyn Harris regarding pregnancy,
“Yes, you might have stretch marks, cellulite, and weird nipple things happening! 
But you are also a fertility goddess overflowing with the beautiful creation of life. 
Seriously, you are allowed to get away with any imperfections or flaws now more than ever,
so try not to focus too much on how things should or shouldn’t be looking. 
Pregnancy is a great time to learn to accept and embrace yourself. 
Learn to say, “So I have cellulite, screw it!”

Honestly, relax and let go of your flawed body image. 
Chances are, I won’t see what you see, and so the camera won’t either.
 I see beauty, potentiality, and love.

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Think about the style you’re looking for.  Is it:
Classic studio with lots of ‘hands on belly’?
Preggy Boudoir for the sexy mama!
Outdoors and fully clothed, walking through the trees?

Think about where you’ll feel comfortable, especially if you’re open to showing some skin!  

My studio is warm, private and offers plain backdrops.  
It’s perfect if you want to show a lot of skin, or you want to create some intimate shots with your man.
With a park right outside, we can add some outdoor shots if you choose.

Your home gives your images a context.
The background décor and furniture show the child’s environment. 
Being able to use props such as the bassinet in the baby room, is a precious opportunity. 
It is important though, to absolutely minimise the clutter as too much background
can distract from the real story we’re trying to tell.

Outdoor shoots are always popular – even for these more intimate images. 
Do you have a favourite place we can utilise?
There’s something special about seeing the natural beauty of a woman who’s
soon to birth new life into the world, surrounded by the natural environment.  
There’s something truly awesome and breath-taking in that.

Preggy-shoot timing:
Ideally, you’d leave your Baby Bumps shoot as late as you can in your pregnancy (around 38weeks),
so that you belly is at its biggest!  However, you don’t want to miss out if baby decides to come early.  
Get some advice from your mid-wife as to whether s/he thinks you’re likely to deliver early,
late, or right on time!

Other tips:

Be aware of skin-marks from tight clothes. 
Choose carefully the underwear and belt-line of the clothes you wear for two hours
before arriving to your shoot. 

Feel free to bring your own ipod with music that makes you feel comfortable and glamorous. 
I have speakers in the studio. 

Whether you’re inside or outside, there’s always quite a bit of ‘hanging around’ time
while things get setup for different shots.  
Pack a cosy robe and slippers to keep warm and feel comfortable.

Having a sarong or towel to wrap around you is also handy,
so that I can get the shot fully composed and lit, before dropping that final covering.  

If you’re doing your own makeup, keep it simple and classy. 
Avoid reflective or luminescent foundations or super shiny lip gloss because
lighting bounces unflatteringly off these sparkles. 
A matte, pat-down powder is perfect to cover any face shine.

Pack snacks if you experience cravings!  And always bring a water bottle. 

Bring a variety of clothes that you feel comfortable in - choose what's relevant from this list:
A summer dress
Buttoned shirt - maybe HIS favourite business or hunting shirt
Scarf or wrap 
Lacy knickers and matching bra
High heels!
favourite baby outfit (for Baby Bumps)
wedding veil 
bridal lingerie
Touch up makeup and deodorant
cosy dressing-gown for between sets
If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the shoot, please speak up.
For me to be able to create images that are believable, it’s essential that you’re happy with the entire process.  I genuinely want you to have fun creating these once-in-a-life-time shots,
and I want you to look at them and remember how gorgeous and glamorous you felt as we made them!

The opportunity to do a preggy shoot doesn’t come around very often so just go for it!
And if you’re considering a Boudoir shoot, ask yourself,
“Am I ever gonna look this great again?!”
 I promise that you’ll feel amazingly beautiful and sophisticatedly sensuous.

Don’t be scared – what’s the absolute worst that can happen? 
Not much compared to the opportunity
 of getting some genuinely once-in-a-life-time shots!

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