Why Rock Ya Frock?


Why Rock Ya Frock?

Why NOT ?!
There is so much fun to be had with your dress!
Whether you call it "Drown the Gown",
"Trash the Dress" or "Rock your Frock"
...Gal go for it!

Rocking your Frock is NOT (necessarily) about trashing your dress!
It's about making the MOST of your wonderful wedding experience.

Sometime AFTER your wedding day, you get to dress up again,
gather some MORE amazing memories,
and have an absolute BLAST creating simply stunning photographs
that CELEBRATE your sense of fun, adventure and femininity.

Rock Ya Frock www
  • If you like the gorgeous Nelson water shoots, it's up to you to choose whether to drape just the hem of your dress in the tide, or go swimming!
  • What defines you?  It's this essence of YOU that we want to celebrate.  Whether you're into hunting or go-carts, or if you want to climb mountains or stand in a fountain - talk to me about what your shoot might involve and what your images might look like.
  • I'll work with you and within YOUR limits.
  • Be creative and let your personalities truly shine! Allow this shoot to fully reflect who you are.
  • You don't have to wreck your dress! Usually a good wash in the bath will restore your gown.  Of all the Rock Ya Frock shoots I've done, the only trashed gown has been an op-shop dress that was paint-balled.  All other dresses you see on these pages have been restored to a 'suitable to sell on trademe' state.
  • This shoot will in no way disrespect your dress. It's not about trashing an expensive and emotional garment. It's about celebrating your marriage!
  • Encourage your groom to participate too - the images are even better with him in the frame!
  • Couldn't trust your pet to behave at your ceremony but wanted to include him / her too? Bring your furry friend to your Rock Ya Frock shoot!
  • Experience none of the stress or time pressure of your actual wedding day.  Simply have fun!
  • Enjoy dressing up as a princess again. If once is great - twice is even better!
  • Timing is flexible so if you missed those sunset shots, now's your opportunity.
Click here to see a Nelson Mail article about one of my early Drown the Gown shoots. Their inflammatory headline: "Wedding Dresses Get Ruined" might be attention grabbing but it's totally inaccurate!
No dresses were harmed in the making of these images!
Click here to listen to an interview I did with Radio New Zealand about this new trend.

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