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Tips and Tricks Section

Some of us love lists!
Some of us like to know how things work
and how we can make them work better!
We love fresh ideas and inspiration.
If that sounds like you, you've come to the right place.

This section of my website hosts
a growing list of lists!

My hope is that it will enhance your photoshoot experience,
and that being armed with information will
enable you to relax and be confident.

While many of these photography tips, tricks and techniques
are written for brides,
they're useful for all manner of photoshoots,
so feel free to adapt them to suit your situation.

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Tide and Sunset chart
1 tides

Nelson's 10-day Weather Forecast
2 weather

Questions to Ask your Photographer before booking them
3 before

What to Take With You When Meeting your Photographer for the first time
4 meeting

Photographic Styles explained
5 styles

How to Help Me Help You - getting the best out of your photographer
6 help me

Why do an Engagement Shoot
7 engagement

Engagement shoot Photo tips
8 tips

The Pros and Cons of having your Main Wedding Photos done BEFORE the Ceremony
9 pros

Packing a Photo Shoot Goodie Bag
10 goodie bag

Bridal Party Etiquette
11 bridal party

Great Tips to Cut Wedding Costs
12 cut costs

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies
13 outdoor

The low-down on Celebrants and Wedding Ceremonies
14 celebrants

Choosing a Wedding Gown Neckline to suit your body type
15 necklines

How to Find Your Perfect Gown
16 perfect gown

Veils Unveiled
17 veils

Hairstyling to suit you and your special day
18 hair

Makeup the camera loves!
19 makeup'

Wedding Flowers
20 flowers

Awesome ideas for Honouring Loved Ones on your special day
21 honouring

Reception Music 
22 music

Writing your Reception Speech

23 speeches

For even more wedding photography ideas, contact me to talk about your plans.