Engagement Shoot Tips

Tips to Help you Look Great at your Engagement Shoot 
This shoot is all about you two and the love you share. 
We don’t want anything to distract from that. 
So check out this Tips Sheet to help you arrive ready to create the best of images!
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We don’t want your clothes to distract from your face so avoid bright col
ours and bold patterns. 
Soft, pale, solid colours work best.

To avoid your images dating, wear simple classic styles. 
Jeans and a pale top always look great.
Don’t wear logo’d shirts or tee’s with writing on the front.
Ideally cover your shoulders and upper arms
– the camera punishes bare shoulders.
Consider bringing two outfits – casual and dressy
- as we might have the opportunity to create different looks.
Bring casual shoes as well as some high heels or boots.
Ladies, consider a (relatively tight) grey or black top
– it helps keep focus on the face and is beautifully slimming.
V-neck tops elongate the neck and make boobs look great!

Baggy or winged tops add bulk to your appearance.
Guys, consider a collared shirt – it frames the face and is flattering.
Clothes put people in context so remember to dress for your location and theme. 
Whatever outfits you chose, make sure they’re clean and well ironed, and that they give you confidence!
Remember to give yourself a manicure to make your ring-shots look gorgeous.
Keep makeup simple and flattering.  Ensure your foundation is matte – camera flash will bounce of any shine.
Soft, loose hair is generally more flattering that a tight up-do.
If you wear glasses, ensure they’re a good tight fit. Call in to your Optometrist and have them adjusted if necessary.
Consider co-ordinating your engagement shoot with your hair and makeup trial to get extra bang-for-your-buck!

And make sure you let your photographer know in advance if you have any specific use in mind for the images –
such as Save The Date invitations, Wedding Guest Book or stationery.
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