Event Hairstyling

Event Hairstyling Tips

*     Your best choice for a wedding day hair stylist is… your regular hairdresser. 
If you don’t already have a favorite salon, now’s the time to start building a relationship with a team who will have the skill and experience to make your wedding hair-styling dreams come true. 

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*     Once you’ve booked in for your wedding hair, it’s a good idea to begin having regular appointments with the actual stylist who will be looking after your locks on your wedding day.   This gives them a chance to really get to know what works for your hair, and ensures that your everyday hairstyle gets the best possible care and shaping in preparation for your wedding day.

*     It’s a great idea to start collecting images of possible styles from the internet and bridal magazines, but be willing to be guided by your stylist about what will work well for your hair, and the style that suit your face shape. 
They can also advise on looks that will work for all the different hair lengths and styles of your bridal party.

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*     Be sure to let your stylist know how many people you’re booking for – it’s nice to include the mother of the bride, flower girl, bridesmaids, etc but this may require additional stylists to be available.

*     It may also be possible to schedule your makeup artist for the same time and location – plan your hair and makeup requirements in conjunction with one other.

*     When you’re talking with your stylist, let them know if you have a veil or other headpiece, and what kind of earrings or necklace you will be wearing.  Tell them if your style should hide or highlight the details of your gown, or your newest tattoo. 
Try to think of your wedding hairstyle as another accessory to your overall look.  Consider the different elements of your gown, flowers and jewellery,  and make sure your chosen hairstyle fits with your overall look.

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*     Fresh flowers are a popular hair accessory. 
Coordinate with your florist to make sure they are available in time for your appointment,and are easily usable – wired stems or fixed petals may be the key to a successful style. 
Good quality artificial flowers may be more reliable and easier to plan around.

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*     If you’re using an outdoor venue or planning a lot of time outdoors,
you may need to adapt your style to allow for the effects of different seasons, wind, or humidity.

*     Plan to have any artificial colouring touched up 1-2 weeks before your wedding. 
Even ‘all natural’ long hair may show colour changes between the roots and the tips, due to the sun, making a natural up-do look like a badly matched hair piece! 
Don’t use any chemicals on your hair in the seven days prior to your wedding, or any kind of “deep conditioning” treatments in the 48 hours prior, unless specifically recommend by your stylist.
Make time for a routine appointment a week or two before the wedding, so that your everyday hairstyle is in top condition.  There will be lots of candid snapshots taken before the wedding as well as on your honeymoon, so a great hairstyle will have you feeling confident, no matter how many cameras you face over the next few weeks.

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*     It’s a good idea to make a list of all the accessories you need to take to the hairdresser on the morning of your wedding so that nothing gets left behind.  Consider: veil, hair-flowers, hairpins, earrings, and jewellery.

*     On the day of your wedding, don’t wash your hair before you go to the salon unless you’ve been specifically instructed to do so.   
And remember to wear a button -up shirt, so you won’t muss up your hair getting dressed later!

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*     Do all you can to keep to time at the hairdresser. 
If you’re late back from  hair and makeup, you’ll end up with less time elsewhere in your day
– and it’s awful to be rushing through photos or feelings like you can’t enjoy the day because you’re racing to catch up. 
Insist that your stylist gives you a clear idea of how much time to allow when you’re planning.  
Add to this, the time required for your makeup.
And remember to allow travel time as well, if you’re going out to a salon. 
When you arrive on the day, make sure you clearly communicate your expectations of when you plan to be finished.   
One time that is immovable on your wedding day is your ceremony time. 
If you’re late from hair and makeup, it will squeeze any time scheduled for bridal photos at home.  It is such a pity when these special images are lost from your day because you’re running late.

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*     After you’ve done all your planning, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your day!