Interviewing Your Photographer

Interviewing Your Photographer

Before choosing your photographer, especially your Wedding Photographer,
I suggest you interview them!
You’re looking to employ someone to skillfully complete an important job
on one of the most significant days of your life!
Aim to understand their strengths and weaknesses,
what they’ll actually do on your big day,
and what they’ll provide you with when it’s all over.
The more you understand these things,
the more likely you’ll choose a photographer
who’ll enhance your day and deliver what you dream of!

Start with some of these questions:

Ask how many weddings they’ve photographed, and over what period of time.
What can they share from their experience to help you plan your big day?

Ask to see a whole album or set of images from several recent weddings.
It’s easy to pick out one or two stunning shots from a range of weddings.
You need to see an entire album to get a full flavour of a photographer’s work.
(For various reasons, you may need to ask in advance for them to have this ready for you at your meeting.)

Ask if they’ve shot a wedding at your preferred location?
Can you see that album?
What advice can they offer for getting the best from that location?

Ask, early on, to see their contract. It will tell you a lot about a person!
Find out what their expectations are.
For example, some photographers require a meal after 4 hours (not me!)
– you need to know about this sort of clause before your heart has its mind made up!

Ask about their preferred photographic style.
Do they have a preference for outdoor or indoor photography?
Do they enjoy working with children or animals (if relevant).
Do they like fun, classic, glamour or photo-journalism?

How adventurous are they?
If you’re happy to roll up your trousers and hitch up your gown to splash in the tide,
is your photographer likely to match your enthusiasm?
Make sure the photographer you choose has the skills, energy and personality for your particular style of wedding.

Observe them during your meeting.
Do they seem passionate about their craft, or have the perhaps become jaded?
Will they bring the heart and soul, as well as the skill, that you desire on your wedding day.

How directive are they?
Do they prefer photo-journalism, which captures all the action that you provide in real time,
or do they actually help create some of that emotion and intimacy that shows in their work.

Do they understand posing techniques?
Ask: “How would you pose me? Show me what you’d do.”

Ask how they handle low-light situations
(such as the bride’s home, church and reception).
Do they have the skill and the gear to shoot indoors and at sunset?
(Don't assume they do - only a small handful of Nelson photographers can do this work.)

Do they work alone or will they bring an assistant with them?
What is that person’s role?
Is there an extra charge for this?
It’s a good idea to meet this person too, to ensure there’s no obvious personality-clash!

Will the person you’re meeting with be the person who’ll actually do your photography
on your wedding day, or will they be sending someone else from their business.

How many hours will your photographer dedicate to you on your big day?
What coverage will be included?
Will you have them exclusively for the day or will they be trying to squeeze
in another appointment on the same day that might tire or distract them?

What sort of gear do they use?
Make sure you understand the difference between 'full frame' and '3/4 sensor',
and the difference that will make when enlarging your images later.

What backup systems do they have in case of camera or computer failure?

How long will they keep your digital negatives on file should you need to access them in years ahead?

What exactly will you receive in terms of prints, albums etc?

Does the price you pay include access to a copy of your digital negatives?
Do you have copying rights to these?
Will the images all be corrected (for colour, lighting etc) and ready to print, or is this an extra charge?
And what image quality or resolution will be provided?
Will the digital negative quality be sufficient for you to create a large canvas or are the files reduced for social media only?

Are black and white, or otherwise enhanced images included in the package, or are these an extra cost?
What post-production effects are available from this photographer?

How much deposit is required?
Is this refundable should you need to change your plans?

What is the expected delivery time for the results of your wedding photography?

How much do you have to pay prior to delivery?

What additional services can this photographer offer that may interest you
– such as: wedding guest books, canvases, Drown-The-Gown or montages.

Does the price include GST?

Is mileage included or is this a separate charge?

It’s normal practice that the photographer retains copyright of your images to use for advertising purposes etc.
If you don’t wish your photos to be used in this way, what are your buy-out options?

Most of all, make sure you have a good rapport with your photographer.
He or she will be sharing a very special and intimate day with you.
Make sure you’re going to get along together!
Ensure they understand your personality, vibe and photo-goals,
and have the energy, creativity and skill you’re looking for!

Contact me now to 'interview' me!
I'd love to answer all these questions for you - either on the phone or in person.

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