Take to Your Meeting

What to take with you when meeting your wedding photographer

These things may be helpful to have with you when first meeting with your photographer:

Your partner!
It’s important that everyone will ‘click’ so make sure it’s a joint decision.
Your photographer also needs to know that s/he will be comfortable working with both of you!

Your plan for the day (no matter how sketchy at this stage).

Any pictures you’ve clipped from magazines or a flash-drive with internet favourites.
These give your photographer a really good insight into the style of photography you prefer.

A list of any particular shots you want, especially family groupings.
While this family list isn’t really necessary until about a month out from your wedding,
if you’ve thought through the combinations already, it will assist with the scheduling for your wedding day.

Consideration of any other services you may wish to ask about or see samples of,
such as montages, audio-visuals, wedding guest books or Drown-The-Gown.

A list of questions you want to ask your photographer. (See my article on Interviewing Your Photographer.)
Don't be afraid to 'interview' them.  After all, you're contracting them for a very important job.

Your cheque-book in case you need to make a deposit to secure your wedding date.

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