Veils Unveiled

Veils Unveiled!
A veil shouts ‘here comes the bride’ like no other accessory can!
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In days gone by, veils were worn to symbolise the purity and innocence of the bride. 
Today they’re worn simply to enhance the style of the gown and add bridal elegance and drama.
As a photographer, I love veils. 
They soften bare shoulders,
add movement as they float in the wind,
give the bride something to do with her hands,
and truly complete the bridal look.

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Types of veil
Cathedral Veil:
Floor length.  Long and trailing.  Dramatic and glamorous.  Creates an elongated silhouette.

Usually part of a formal or elaborate wedding but can also look amazing billowing in the breeze at the beach.

May require attendants to assist with handling the veil.

Generally attached towards the lower part of the back of the head, underneath a bun or up-do.

Makes for amazing photographs – both formal, flowing down the church steps,
or fun, allowing the wind to wrap it around your body at the beach. 

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of a fairy tale!

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Waterfall Veil:
A double layered veil, worn to waist length.  Often with rolled or laced edges.

Ideal with a long gown and upswept hair. 

One layer is easily pulled forward over the face making romantic images.

Generally attached slightly above the centre of the back of your head, and often over a bun or up-do.

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Blusher Veil:
An additional section of veil which is chin or shoulder length and can be worn over the face.  

It can be part of, or a detachable section of, a veil which is slightly longer length at the back.  
Generally attached at the top of your head, to frame your face.

Ideal for short hair, and ‘tea-length’ or vintage dresses.

Allows for romantic and truly beautiful bridal headshots.

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Mantilla Veil:
Heavy or intricate lace which is best suited to a simple gown.

Usually attached with a comb for easy detachment as the veil can become heavy over the course of the day!

Gives a very Spanish or South American feel.

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Birdcage Veil:
Veil with a fascinator covering the upper half of the face.

Can be very tricky to photograph as the camera prefers to focus on the veil rather than the bride’s eyes
so make sure you have a professional photographer if you want great photos!)

Great with a sassy cocktail dress or slinky gown.

Heirloom Veils:
A great way to bring some old and borrowed to your attire. 

Your mother or grandmother would be chuffed to see their veil used again. 

Just make sure the colour and style works with your gown, otherwise it might look like you picked it up from the Op-Shop!

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Veil lengths

A short veil:   
These are lightweight and comfortable.  They add a touch of ‘wedding-ness’ to a tea-length or vintage gown.
Perfect for gowns with waist accents.  They also allow a view of the details of your gown from every angle.
Finger-tip length:
Creates a flattering, elongated shape, making you look taller and thinner!
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Think about
  • What style would best suit your gown?
  • Does your gown have any accents you wish to accentuate?
  • What would compliment your venue and the atmosphere you’re creating on your wedding day.
  • What colour veil would suit your skin tone and your gown.
  • What length you prefer.
  • What veil style flatters your face shape?
  • What will work with your desired hairdo?
  • What veil hem style do you prefer (plain, rolled, satin ribbon, pearl, etc)
  • What fabric do you prefer (heavy lace, plain net, diamantes attached, etc)
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Beware, when buying on line, that many cheap veils are made with net (rather than fine tulle, silk or nylon)
and are coarse, stiff and unflattering.  Not all veils are created equal!

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Early on, talk with your dress designer and your hairdresser.
Both should be able to listen to you and help you co-ordinate the right style of veil to complement, enhance, and complete your bridal ensemble.

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