Wedding Gown Necklines

Wedding Gown necklines to flatter you

We’re all made uniquely – both inside and out!
So finding the perfect wedding gown to flatter your figure
takes skill and an honest self-evaluation!
Your aim, of course, is to “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative”!

Your photos will look so much better if,
instead of opting for the latest wedding fashion trend,
you chose a gown for your body type.
Necklines are a key part of how a wedding dress will enhance your figure,
and different styles will suit different women.

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Straight Strapless

These show off your neck, collarbones, shoulders, arms and upper back.

They best suit a small bust as they’ll
widen your upper body,
making broad shoulders quite square.

A mid-long veil can softly
cover broad shoulders.


-1 strapless - straight

Sweetheart Strapless

These also show off the neck, collarbones, shoulders, arms and upper back.

The sweetheart shaping lengthens your neck,
flatters your cleavage and accentuates an hour-glass shape.

This neckline flatters most figures
but it’s vital that it’s sized and fitted
appropriately for larger cup sizes.

When you allow enough room in the gown,
a fuller bust will be securely and demurely supported.


-2 sweetheart


These straps soften the strapless look
and enhance your bust-line.

The straps frame and highlight your
shoulders and upper arms.

If your gown is fitted properly,
there should be no ‘drag’ on the straps
– they’ll just be there for the look and
for your own peace of mind.
If there is any weight on the straps,
consider having a wider strap so that
they don’t visibly dig into your shoulders.

-3 shoestring


This single shoulder strap is
striking and adds interest to a dress.

It also draws the eye to your shoulders and arms.

It’s great for small to medium busts.

-4 asymmetric


These can be high or plunging,
wide or narrow strapped,
and often come with a low backed gown.

This neck line adds length to a dress
(making you look taller).

Very good for broad shoulders.

Particularly suited to small-medium busts
but be extremely feminine for a variety
of body shapes.

-5 halterneck


Covers the chest, and can be cute and sassy!

Can make shorter brides appear a little taller.

Flatters a medium bust.

-6 boatneck


Works well with most body shapes
although best for medium-large busts.

It lengthens the neck, accentuates the cleavage,
and gives you height, but it can widen the appearance of your shoulders.

If possible, play with the positioning of the straps to find the best line for your body.
You could have the straps
sitting out on the edges of your shoulders,
straight up and down,
closer to your neck, almost like a halter neck,
or crossed-over your back.

-7 Vneck


With added sleeves you can covers the upper arms.
Flatters fuller busts.

Likely to make the shoulders look broader.

-8 off the shoulder

Also consider ...

... where you’ll be getting married.
Having your ceremony at the Cathedral
will require a different style of dress
to a beach wedding.

... what colour will best work with
your skin-tone.
Pure white actually suits very few people,
and is very difficult to photograph.
Ivory comes in a variety of shades,
looks great on most brides,
and generally photographs well.

... matching the style of your veil to your dress.

-9 very last pic at end

My best advice, is take the time to consult a professional wedding gown fitter.
You need someone who not only knows their own product well,
but who understands that women come in unique sizes and shapes!
I readily recommend Angel, The Wedding Whisperer.

If you take someone with you, make sure it’s a friend whose opinion you trust
and who’ll be brutally honest with you!
And when you’ve got your neckline figured out,
remember to turn and consider your back-line options too!

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