Why do an Engagement Shoot?

Engagement Shoots

Engagement Shoots are fast becoming an industry norm!
There loads of reasons to have what we call an Engagement Shoot.
Consider these:
A photo-shoot that takes place fairly soon after your engagement
is a fabulous way to announce your upcoming nuptials. 
Your Facebook friends certainly appreciate the images!


A photo-shoot held a few weeks before your wedding day,
is a fantastic chance to practice being in front of the camera.
After all, you’ll trial your hair and makeup, get fitted for your dress,
and have a ceremony rehearsal, so preparing for your all-important
photo shoot needs to be on the list too!

You might like to tie in your Engagement Shoot with your hair and makeup trial,
to see how your hair holds and how your makeup photographs.

A pre-wedding photo shoot is a vital opportunity to
build rapport with your photographer.
When you see how they operate and view the work they produce,
you’ll be much more relaxed and able to trust them on your wedding day.

An Engagement Shoot gives you the opportunity to trial different locations
and see how they might work on your wedding day.
Alternatively, you could go to a place more unusual,
or of particular significance to you, or that is further away
than you’d be able to achieve during the tight time-frame of your big day.


Maybe you have a favourite time of day – like sunrise, or sunset!
And maybe getting great shots at this time on your wedding day just won’t be possible.
An Engagement Shoot can be anywhere and at any time
that you can negotiate with your photographer!


An Engagement Shoot can be a simple portrait shoot,
or you may like to take you the opportunity to tell your story.
Go for a theme, be inspired by your favourite movie or music video,
or relive his proposal!  Grab the chance to dress up for a Cinematic Shoot.
You might even consider a his-and-hers steamy boudoir session for some private photos!


Maybe you have special pets you’d just love to include in your
wedding ceremony and photos, but just can’t realistically trust them!
Bring them to your Engagement Shoot!


The photos from this shoot are great to use on your
save-the-date's, invitations, guestbook and other wedding stationery.


More than anything else, an Engagement Shoot gives you an opportunity
to celebrate your love – just the two of you –
without all the pressures and expectations of your wedding day.

Here at Boutique Photography, my Engagement Sessions
generally include a Posing 101 Workshop,
where I demonstrate, and you practise, looking your best in front of the camera.
I tackle the issues which might concern you such as
Photographic Tummy Tucks,
Managing Height Differences or Similarities,
Posture and Posing,
Comfortable Poses,
Wedding Walking,
Bouquet Holding,
and much much more!
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