Kid Wrangling


Child’s Play

These tips and tricks will help ensure that kids bring
heartfelt warmth to your wedding day,
and will help avoid those terrorizing meltdowns!

*     Appoint a Kid Wrangler to manage the children throughout the day, especially if they’re your own kids!
Your wedding day is where you need to be able to be husband and wife, rather than mum and dad!
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*    It seems obvious but with all that’s going on it’s easy to forget:
take special care to ensure the children are well rested for the big day!

*     Let children break in shoes well ahead of time, and pack some plasters just in case of blisters!

*     Wait until just before the photographer arrives, to dress the children.
Or else have them get ready at a different venue and travel to the ceremony separately.

*     Ensure the littlies have a toilet and snack break just prior to the ceremony.

*     Children love to please so make them feel important by giving them little jobs to do.
They can hand out confetti, carry the rings, or even help the MC round up people for the family photos.
However, ensure the role you have for the child is age appropriate and doesn’t put too much pressure on them.
Have a backup plan if necessary!
Remember to notice and thank your little person for their help!
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*     Pop a small gift in the bottom of the flower girl’s basket which she can open after her walk down the aisle.

*     Most kids should be able to hold it together for the 30minutes of your ceremony,
but you may like to make up some little wedding-themed activity packs just in case.

*     Littlies tend to have the attention span of goldfish, so make sure your photographer has any family photos with children in them, at the top of the list!

*     Have some old-fashioned games available after the ceremony for young and old to enjoy.
Croquet, petanque, and hoops always go down well.

*     Organise a baby sitter or nanny to collect little ones before reception.
Treat them to takeaways and a movie at home or a local hotel, while you wine & dine at reception.

*     If children are coming to reception, consider having a table where all the kids can enjoy each other’s company,
or else book a venue with a breakout room you can fill with cushions and games.
Ensure the kids menu is simple and easy for them to eat.

*     When inviting out of town guest with children, consider enclosing information of baby-sitting services in your area.

*     More than anything - go with the flow! 
Chances are, the things that might bug you will amuse everyone else and will make for great photos!

If you have slightly older children,
they might enjoy the distraction of using a digital camera or cell phone with this Photo Spy game.

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