If the shoe (doesn't) fit ...

It's the tiniest things that can really take the edge of an otherwise perfect day ...
like blisters!
These simple tips - that are relevant for the bride, the groom, and the bridal party - 
 will help you tick one more item of your 'worry list'!

Remember, your feet will swell during the heat of summer so shop for shoes in the afternoon
or buy half a size bigger.

‘Break in’ your shoes before your wedding day
– tromp around the carpet at home to protect the shoe but wear them in so they hug your feet comfortably.

If the girls are going to be standing on grass in high heels, consider ‘heel stoppers’ to stop you sinking!

Gel inserts can add to your comfort and help you last until at least that first dance.

If your heels are higher than you’re used to, practice so that your walk down the aisle is comfortable and natural.

The bride might like to pack a pair of ‘sensible shoes’ for those parts of the photo-shoot
where your shoes won’t be seen.

Pack plasters into an emergency kit left in the car – just in case!

Make sure everyone's shoes are co-ordinated. 
They don't have to be identical, but having the groom and 3 groomsmen in black shoes and
one groomsman in brown shoes, really spoils a photo (believe me, this happens!) 
Similarly for the girls - avoid extremes of style. 
If one bridesmaid is in ballet flats and another in strappy stilettos, it can be a real eyesore.

Feel free to think outside the box when considering your bridal shoes
– I’ve had brides in blue Doc Martins and gumboots!
Be yourself – if the shoe fits … wear it!

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