Wedding Raves

Love Letters from Newly Weds

Here's what some of my clients have said ...
Erin & Earl    Wellington      WOW!

Amazing pictures.
Thanks to both of you for being there to capture it for us.
Everyone at the wedding commented how great the both of you were.
Please get in touch if you should ever need a reference for anything in the future. You both made us feel so at ease and the two of us had heaps of fun.  My maid of honor was also really pleased with the photos you got of her (she particularly hates photos).
Ruth- great photo of the ceremony and guests
...I'm assuming this was you given Sandra was in the shot!
-800 275x183p

Dan & Nicola     Nelson       A TREASURE

Thank you so much for all your hours of hard work you put into our day.  It has been a pleasure working with you right from the start. We are so happy with our photos and had so many comments about them. We will treasure them forever
We had the best day of our life and are so glad you could be a part of it!
Happily Married...

-770  275x183p

Nadine & Tino   Germany      STUNNING!

We already received first pics from Sandra, they are stunning!
We sent them on to our family at home
and they were amazed and very happy
as the photos clearly show how much we enjoyed this day.

Kara & Vince   Omaha, USA.     FABULOUS!

Dear Sandra
We had a fabulous day yesterday, thank you so much!
It was great to finally meet you, after all our email conversations!
We can't wait to see the photos!
You're the only photographer I've seen wade waist deep in water to get a photo!!!
Well, we are off to Punakaikai - thank you again!


Emma & Jason    Nelson       AMAZING!

Hey Sandra. Just a quick email to say thank you once again
for the amazing photos!!
You wouldn't believe the response we have had from them.
People think they are the best wedding photos they have seen...
Job very well done so thanks again!!

Nadine   Christchurch Wedding Agent      HAPPY TEARS

From a Wedding Agency in Christchurch:
Hi Sandra.
The photos are all done and have been collected by the couple.
They looked great and it looked like a really fun day.
Ok, the bride burst into tears - HAPPY tears!
I've have never seen this happen.
She cried and said that Sandra was fantastic
and it was better than we could ever have imagined.



Di & Mike    Nelson      THE PERFECT PERSON FOR US

Initial response:  The Photos are amazing!! We just skimmed through
them when we got them, and have finally had a chance to have a really
good look at them. How we are going to decide on 110 for our album I don’t
know! You are a very talented lady, I never thought of myself as photogenic,
but if i do say so myself I look pretty ok in some of them :)

And later:    Love love love the photo book, You have done an amazing
job, as you have with every aspect as you worked with us.
And thank you so much for your patience with us all. It wasn’t an
easy task with so many kids to deal with. But I am so pleased that
we involved them all and would do it all again in a heartbeat.
They are all so precious to us and to have them all involved was
the best way to have a wedding, The best part now is to have all
the memories and you were the perfect person to do that for us.
So thank you once again.

sandra johnson boutique photography-6-659

Simon & Julie    Christchurch     SUPPORTIVE EXPERT

Hi Sandra,  
The album arrived and Wow Wow Wow!!!
It looks amazing.  The cover is exactly what we dreamt of
and makes us grateful for choosing you to capture our day.
Not only did we receive a great person to work with and
fantastic images but also a fabulous album to showcase our
day. Through the whole process you have been supportive
and offered your expertise. We can't thank you enough. 

Can't wait to show everyone!
 Thanks again.

sandra johnson boutique photography-9-172
Ang & Corey   Nelson      SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU

Dear Sandra
Thank you so much for all of your fantastic work on our wedding day.
How lucky we were to share it with you and your wonderful assistant!!
All of the photos are fantastic and we enjoyed our day immensely.
We would feel very confident in recommending you to anyone
who wants a fabulous photographer with a wonderful personality!!
We wish you a long and happy life full of joy

Kristina & Chris   Brightwater     THANK YOU!

Thank you very much for being a part of our special day.
We are grateful of the beautiful photos you took
and the photo-book that we have chosen.
You are an outgoing friendly lady who is great at her job.
I would definitely recommend you to others.
Christopher and I would like to wish you all the very best for your future. And thanks for everything.


Sarah & Evan   Christchurch     EVERYTHING WE WANTED AND MORE

Sandra these photos are amazing!!! You did such a great job of capturing our special day. Thank you so much for everything. We are so lucky to have had you all to capture our special day. These photos are everything we wanted and more.

sandra johnson boutique photography

Paddy and Frances     Christchurch      THRILLED

We arrived at the Bach today to find the digital negatives had arrived, It was great fun looking through them with the family this afternoon and we are all so thrilled with them! Thank you so much for capturing everyone on the day. We enjoyed having you there.

sandra johnson boutique photography-4

James & Esther   Nelson     BEAUTIFUL

Hi Sandra the photos are beautiful thank you!
You've done an amazing job! Married life is very cool!
The photos are a fantastic reminder of our special day
and the happy emotions come flooding back every time I look at them.
Thank you again for doing such an awesome job!


Tracy & Jason   Christchurch      REALLY THRILLED

Thanks so much for our wonderful photographs!!
We were really, really thrilled with them, so thank you SOOO much.
Especially for the extra work you've done on the colour / sepia versions!

-202 r
Cat & Laz   Nelson      ATTENTION TO DETAIL

Thank you so very very much for all your hard work,
professionalism, and attention to detail at our wedding.
You put everyone at ease and made the day so much more enjoyable.
We will definitely be recommending you to everyone,
that you are THE photographer to have in Nelson.
Best wishes for your future endeavours,
and dare say we will be calling on you to photograph the children one day!

Katrina (Mother of the Bride)     Brightwater

I've just had a chance to look through Tina and Michael's wedding photos and I'm blown away by how you've captured my little girl...
I of course knew she was beautiful (but then I'm biased!)
but you have really shown not only her external beauty
but a little insight to her inner beauty as well!
She looks sooo happy.. and sooo animated..
and just soooo beautiful and you've captured it brilliantly!!!
I'm sooo proud and I thank you from the bottom of my heart
I'll have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone that needs photos done. Warmest regards.


Rebecca & Jason     Wellington      GRIN-WORTHY!

Wow!!!  So amazing.
I'm just so thankful for both you and Angus' excellent
photography and direction on the day.
The girls really appreciated your lesson on how to pose! :)
I just can't stop looking at our images.
I'm just sitting here grinning (Jase is pretty pleased too ;) )
Many many thanks!

Marie & Jamie   Nelson     LOVELY ASSISTANT TOO!

We had such a great time with you, and the balance between having fun, but striving to get the perfect picture was just right!
Thank you also to your assistant who was both very professional, and very lovely on the day.
It was very difficult - because we love so many of them...
but we have our final list of photos for our photo-book.


Grace & Tudor       Golden Bay    ABOVE & BEYOND

Dearest Sandra,
A HUGE THANK YOU!!!  for all of your time, love and
creativity put into our special day & remembering it forever!  
You have gone above and beyond every step of the journey
with us and we are so pleased to have had you there to record
our day for us!  A big thanks for your professionalism,
personalisation and receptivity to our many requests.  
It has made the whole experience exciting!
Thank you so much!  You're a star!

sandra johnson boutique photography-14

Mary & Nathan     Australia       BRILLIANT!

The photos are brilliant
There are so many favourites for us to choose from!!
You've done a fantastic job, we are very happy.
Thanks again!

bride & groom portraits boutique photography nelson 15

Claire & Sean    Australia   WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING

Firstly I want to just say a massive thank you to both yourself and Ruth!! It sure was a long and hot day on the 22nd of February and we were so happy with how everything went throughout the day.  The photos arrived and are AMAZING!!! We just love them! Thank you so much for all of the time and effort that you put into the day, we really appreciated it!
I think the relaxed feeling of the day really shows in the photos, everyone looks so happy and relaxed and having fun which is exactly what we wanted!
You will see that I have picked well over the 110 photos that you suggested for our album ....!!!   
But above all, we just had such a great time and we wouldn’t change a thing!!  
                bride & groom portraits boutique photography nelson 28a


Jared & Jacqui      Nelson      TALENTED

Just viewed the pictures - they're stunning!  Thanks so much! 
We absolutely love them!  Can't believe it was a week ago. 
Thank you so much for doing these for us, they're perfect! 
You are very talented.  I can't stop looking at them!  
Now the fun starts - choosing which ones to frame!
Thank you again so much, they are beautiful
sandra johnson boutique photography-932

Sara & Jason     Nelson          MAKING MEMORIES

Sandra and Ruth, the photos are all I imagined and more.
I can't explain how happy I am. 
You guys have done such an amazing job and I thank you
from the bottom of my heart for making these memories for us.
Much love, Sara


Michael & Becky    Wellington      GREAT JOY

The AV is beautiful, thank you Sandra.  We love it. 
Thank you so much for all your work and doing this for us. 
It has been wonderful having you do our photography. 
We just love the photos and it brings us great joy
looking at them and remembering our special day. 
Thank you for your patience with us. 
You have been very gracious.
With love.


Adina & Richard      Invercargill     TRULY NO BETTER PERSON

First of all, I want to say the photos were breath-taking!
It's amazing how you can make an ordinary person look like a model.
You were fantastic and we LOVE the photos.
Sandra, thank you sooo much for being with us on that special day.
There is truly no better person for the job than you.
We were extremely happy with your work. 
I want to have another wedding just so you can be our photographer again.
We absolutely loved you and your beautiful daughter (assistant).

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Lana & Ben    Wellington     BIGGEST SMILES!

Hi Sandra.  Absolutely amazing photos.  Ben and I have the biggest smiles in our face and we can't wait to see the rest!  Please pop them on Facebook and tag us.  Thanks again for taking our photos.  You did amazing.  It was incredible!!

-99 r
Jan & Dean       Wellington         CAPTURED BEAUTIFUL EXPRESSIONS

We've just had a look through the photos and think you have done an amazing job of making me and all of us look so beautiful!  Thank you so much for your patience and professionalism, love and care.  
 You have captured beautiful expressions. I am so thrilled.  
Millions of love. 

Julie & Simon      Christchurch         HARD TO CHOOSE FAVOURITES!

Responding to their Facebook album:  
Thanks for adding the sneak peek photos to Facebook so quickly. Those photos are amazing.  Everyone has said they look amazing and the guests loved getting their photo taken by you too.   Some have also mentioned how great it was to have a couple so passionate about their work and this is clearly seen in your images. Simon and I were grateful that we got you to capture our day. You are so talented and organised.

And having received their final images:
Thanks and WOW!!  Simon really loved the boudoir shots and the AV of them. Thanks again for this.  It will be a hard decision to choose what goes in our album as there are too many great images to choose from!
Thanks a lot, we are both super happy with your photos.

sandra johnson boutique photography-5

Laura & Charles       Nelson        PERFECT

Sandra!!!!! They are PERFECT.  Absolutely perfect.
Thank you so much.

sandra johnson boutique photography-465-810

Liana & Matt       Nelson      KEEP FOR A LIFETIME

Hi Sandra - Just wanted to thank you for everything!
And all the hard work you have put in for us to have our
amazing wedding photos to keep for a lifetime.

sandra johnson boutique photography-2-584

Christine & Sean         Wellington      IMPRESSED

Thank you for being awesome on our wedding day.  
We had such fun.   We even had guests the following day
say how impressed they were with you both.

sandra johnson boutique photography vineyard-246

Caroline & Patrick    USA      HAPPY TEARS

I'm sitting here in front of the computer, having a little cry because I just watched the video you made and included secretly on the USB. 
It was so sweet and such a surprise! 
It captured the whole event:  the weather, the dress, the setting, the emotions. 
Thank you for that!!   Wow!
(Cathy - Mother of the Bride)

sandra johnson boutique photography jan19
Rebecca & Matt     Nelson     BEYOND HAPPY

We are beyond happy!
It was a lovely day, thank you!  Just perfect.
Honestly, we had the best day.

sandra johnson boutique photography-3


Stacey & Sean     Motueka           BLOWN AWAY

I just want to say what an amazing job you did on Saturday.
Sean & I were both blown away.
Thanks so much for all you did.
I will be recommending you to anyone I know getting married :)

Sonia & Mark   Nelson      AWESOME

Dear Sandra - Thank you for our lovely wedding photos.
You made a fab job.
The comments we have gotten are awesome.
We recommend you to everyone.
We couldn't have asked for a nicer or more patient person! Thanks heaps.

 tahuna beach raves
Nigel & Diana    Nelson      PROFESSIONAL & FUN

We had the pleasure of experiencing Sandra's passion
for photography at our wedding.  We felt very comfortable
with her capturing our special moments on the day because
she did all the preparing by getting to know us as a couple
before the day, so she had an understanding of who we were
which I felt she got perfect.
Very professional, relaxed, involved with the wedding party's
laughs, and thorough.
She got our photos to us within a week of our wedding,
which was amazingly fast, and the Photobook that was made
for us was so great everybody who sees it is amazed by it.
Sandra, we thank you so very much for helping to make our day
so special. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to another couple.

Mike & Tracey     Nelson       THRILLED

We have only just sat down all together and looked at the photos on our big screen TV. 
Thank you so much for capturing the day so beautifully!    Thank you for the photos of the little things.
Well done for getting the photos of Ella in the back of the car. They were just beautiful of her and we just were so relieved – though I didn’t mind her serious looks because that is her all over!  We all looked so gorgeous and handsome and they are
a wonderful keepsake. 
We are just thrilled and can’t wait to share them with our families.  Thanks again.