Photography Workshops & Classes


Photography Training
My photography classes are tailored to where participants are at,
 and are extremely hands-on.
The number of participants is intentionally kept low
so that you will be assured of personal attention.

They're jam-packed full of practical how-to's.
You'll leave with your head buzzing, full of inspiration and ideas,
and armed with knowledge to take you to the next level in your photographic journey.

I'm based in Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand
but it is possible to work via skype for one-on-one photography tutoring in other locations.

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More classes coming soon - watch this space!
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Beginner Basics Photography Workshop
Do you own a DSLR (a digital camera with removable lens), but use it like a point-and-shoot?
Then I've designed this course especially for you!

I'll work with you to unlock the mysteries of your camera,
and take you from driving your camera like a Toyota, to enjoying it more like a Ferrari!
I'll coach you from shooting in program mode, to being comfortable in manual mode.

You will learn how to use ISO, aperture, shutter-speed, focal length, light manipulation,
and basic composition techniques to deliberately & intentionally create images that wow!

Next date:   Saturday 16th January 2021     contact me for further details

9.30am - 3.30pm

Maximum group size of 6
to ensure personalised attention

Richmond, Nelson, NZ
Sandra Johnson Boutique Photography-6880-794


LIGHT PAINTING  Photography Workshop
You'll need a DSLR (digital camera with removable lens) for this fun evening workshop
(and a tripod would be super handy if you can access one).

You'll learn to CREATE images in the dark, 
while learning so much about making your camera work for you!
You'll discover bulb mode, manual focus, and more,
while using torches, gels, sparklers and spark poi.

Next workshop:   contact me  for details
7 - 9.30pm

Maximum: 6 participants


Early Bird Special:    just $49


Just like the big dollops of endorphins I get from Seido karate and running,
taking photographs is soul-food for me - capturing a moment, something beautiful,
birds, animals, the sea and the sky ... it's all therapy!
But I muddle my way through when it comes to the technicalities of my Rolls Royce of a camera!
So, last night this happened ....!
With a little group of keen photographers, I did my best to soak up all that photographer Sandra Johnson
could share with us in just a couple of hours - and boy, it went by quickly!
The best bit was heading out into the night to play in the park.
SO much fun!
Thanks for the Light Painting Photography Workshop, Sandra Johnson Boutique Photography!
- Victoria Clark

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spark poi (2)-826


      Other Workshop Topics:
Confident Beginners   Next workshop:  contact me for 2020 dates

Impressionism (AKA:  'Blurry Shit')    Next workshop:  TBA

Lightroom Basics    Next workshop:  TBA

Smoke photography   Next workshop:  contact me for 2021 dates

Posing 101       Next workshop:  contact me for 2021 dates

contact me for more details and to reserve your spot!



    One on One Tutoring:

Private tutoring allows me to work directly with you,
exactly where you're at in your photography journey,
to help take you to where you want to go.

Whether you have a DSLR or a point-and-shoot,
we'll get your camera set up for you
(all those mysterious lines in the camera menu!)
and we'll go out together to practice a range of relevant shooting scenarios.

2 hours  
$185 for one person / bring a friend - $145 each

Full day (6hrs):  $450 for one person / bring a friend - $595 for 2 people
(includes lunch & morning tea)

contact me for more details and latest dates