Workshop Raves

Nawhhhh,  people say the nicest things!


Just like the big dollops of endorphins I get from Seido karate and running,
taking photographs is soul-food for me - capturing a moment, something beautiful,
birds, animals, the sea and the sky ... it's all therapy!
But I muddle my way through when it comes to the technicalities of my Rolls Royce of a camera!
So, last night this happened ....!
With a little group of keen photographers, I did my best to soak up all that photographer Sandra Johnson
could share with us in just a couple of hours - and boy, it went by quickly!
The best bit was heading out into the night to play in the park.
SO much fun!
Thanks for the Light Painting Photography Workshop, Sandra!

- Victoria Clark


Hi Sandra - thanks again for the course. 
It really helped me get back to basics, and helped cement a lot of what I was pretty sure was correct with settings, combinations and such.
And I did learn more about my camera, along with giving me that confidence.
I really do think it was the right amount of content for a Beginner's Course in DSLR, and I definitely got what I wanted out of it.  
I have already give your card to a lady in the weekend.  Hopefully she will be in touch soon.
Thanks again,

John Sears

Dear Sandra,
Many thanks for a terrific day's instruction on photography, and your generous hospitality.  I love real coffee!  Much appreciated, and also the lovely morning tea.
It was a good group and I enjoyed meeting you and the others pursuing knowledge in photography. 
I at least now have the confidence to use my camera and know somewhat more about how to find my way around it and hopefully take reasonable photos.
Yes, there was a lot of content to take in but the handouts are helpful reinforcements.  The photo sessions were good and they inspire me to experiment and practice more.
Very many thanks again, and I would certainly recommend your classes to others.  I can see that having photography knowledge is a long journey to expertise, but as you say, practice makes perfect.
With warmest wishes and thanks again,

Jane Lambert.


Hi Sandra.
Just a quick note with a big Thank You for your teachings on Saturday morning.  I could feel so many lights come on, the biggest of which is that Lirghtroom is probably all I will need for the next decade and I can pretty much park Photoshop in the meantime.  Just that takes a lot of pressure off the tsunami of information I'll need to absorb to really conquer the camera and editing.  
So thank you!
Kind regards,

Linda Jenkins

Thank you for the work you put into today's very enlightening workshop.  I have decided that Lightroom compliments my Elements very nicely.  Tonight's falling asleep reading with be my Scott Kelby book on Lightroom!
Hanne Bjorklund